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Understanding Spell

The understanding spell provides you and your partner to openly communicate, be on the same page, and finally understand eachother! This spell removes the negative energy that's blocking the comunication and transfers it to positive energy so the communication path way is fully open. love potion magic spells

Domanation Spell

This is one of the most popular spells clients request this spell from all over the world! During this spell your partner will be domanted to you and preform as you say.

Break Up Spell

This spell delves into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current life situations. It can prevent a break up happening or it can cause a break up with your loved ones partner.

Being Your Partner Back Spell

This spell is pretty self explanatory. It has your loved one come back into your life and be more understanding and all around for you and with you!

Marriage spell

The marriage spell will have your partner be more serious about the relationship you guys share together. Also having marrige come you way. 

Divorce Spell

The Divorce Spell will make you not have a divorce. Also making your partner being closer to you and bloking any energy that's forcing a divorce.

Pregnancy Spell

This spell will have you and your partner be serious about starting a family and therefor it will happen. love spells magic spells

Reverse The Curse Spell

This spell removes any and all negative energy around you and transforms it into positive energy.

Protection Spell

This spell will have a bubble of positive protective energy around you at all times which will block any negativiy, spells, or curses trying to be put onto you.

Witches Charm Spell

This spell gives you the witches charm meaning tha you'll be able to send all sorts of energy out there!

Carerr Spell

This spell helps all of your carrer path. wheather its getting a raise, change of job for the better, new boss, or recivieng a job offer. 

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